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- Can I make online bookings at any time of day?
You can book online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Online and telephone advance sales begin the same day at 12.00.

- At the ticket offices the staff are very good at finding members of the public a good seat. How can you get the same service over the internet?
The experience of the ticket office staff and their willingness to help are reproduced online using the best-seat search engine. Seats are ranked for quality for each hall and type of performance. The electronic purchase system identifies the best available seat at any time and recommends it to the purchaser.

- How do I pick up tickets I have booked online?
You can collect tickets you’ve booked online or by phone from the Concert Hall ticket offices every day, during working hours. All you have to do is show your ID card. Also, there is a special area in the foyer where you can pick up tickets an hour before the performance.

- Can I be sure that my credit card details will be safe if I book online?
Because security is so important, special procedures have been developed to protect online transactions. The most effective and widely used method is the automatic encryption of sensitive information – and this is the procedure followed by the Concert Hall. The number and other details of your credit card are automatically converted into encrypted form. This procedure is completed before the information leaves the user’s computer. The information is sent in encrypted form to its final destination – the bank’s computer. There the details are deciphered and used, automatically, and with the bank taking full liability. The transaction is completed and notification of the ticket purchase is sent back to the customer, again automatically and in encrypted form. All procedures relating to the encryption are certified by companies specializing in the field.

- What if I'm late to the performance?
Once the performance has commenced there is no admission to the auditorium until the intermission (if the programme includes an intermission).

- Where can I obtain printed material about the Concert Hall events (annual and quarterly programmes of events)?
 There are display cases with the annual and quarterly programmes of events in all the Concert Hall foyers. Material is also available at the offices of the Concert Hall in the centre of Athens, at 8 Omirou St.

- Where are programmes available for particular events?
There are programme sales points in the foyers of all the various halls, and on all levels.

- Where is the cloakroom?
Each hall has its own cloakroom. That of the Christos Lambrakis Hall is in the ground floor foyer; that of the Alexandra Trianti Hall in the stalls foyer, those of the Dimitris Mitropoulos, Nikos Skalkotas and Banquet Halls outside their respective foyers.

- Where is the bar?
There are regular bars or trolley bar service on each level.

- Can I smoke?
There are designated smoking areas in the garden, on the Kokkali St. side, for those attending events in the Christos Lambrakis Hall, in the Atrium of the Muses, for those in the Alexandra Trianti Hall, and outside the building at the Vas. Sofias. St. entrances.

- What should I do if I need to cough during a performance?
Scientific studies have shown that the noise of a cough is reduced by 70% if you use a handkerchief to cover your mouth. Paper handkerchiefs and sweets are available from the Concert Hall canteens.

- When is the parking facility open and how much does it cost?
Open: from 6am to 2am. The first three hours cost 3 Euro, and each additional hour 1 Euro from 6 am and up to one hour before the performances opening.
Ticket holders are charged 5 Euro to park from one hour before the performance to one hour after it is over. Payment must be made on arrival.

- How do I get to the parking facility?
The vehicle entrance (cars and motorbikes) is on Kokkali St. If you have parked and wish to retrieve your vehicle you can use the lift next to the escalator of the new Concert Hall building.