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- Each Member has priority in making advance bookings for one seat, or two seats for two Members.

- Receipt of quarterly programmes by mail, before they are available to general public.

- Priority in bookings, or purchase of tickets two weeks before advance sales to the public begin, in the Grand Tier and Zone One seats of the Christos Lambrakis and Alexandra Trianti Halls, for all Athens Concert Hall Organization events, as well as events staged by the Friends of Music and the Kamerata. This privilege does not extend to events organized by third parties or those staged in the Dimitris Mitropoulos and Nikos Skalkotas Halls, unless prior agreement has been reached.

- The right to pre-purchase a package of tickets for all events during a quarter within a specific fortnightly period. By ‘package’ we mean the purchase of tickets for more than three performances.

- Member’s Card with your own personal number. The card is to be used for collecting tickets from the ticket offices.

- Discount on programmes and special publications sold by the Concert Hall, as well as on goods sold at the Record Club. The discount is available on presentation of your Member’s Card.

- Invitation to opening of exhibitions organized by the Concert Hall

- Right to make phone bookings for each separate event, with choice of methods of payment. If payment is not made by credit card, the tickets must be collected before the date on which advance sales to the public begin, otherwise the booking is cancelled. To pay for tickets by credit card, you will be asked to fill in the special authorization form – if you have not already done so. Credit card payments may only be made by the card holder, not by any other person.

- As a Member you will also be entitled to a discount on tickets for the parking facility, which is open daily from 6am to 2am. Members are charged 4 Euro for parking throughout the performance times. If you use a space at other times, the charge is 3 Euro for the first three hours, and 1 Euro for each additional hour. Please fill in the special form to get your special Member’s parking card.