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John Blow: Venus and Adonis


- John Blow: Venus and Adonis

Director & Set Designer: Andreas Linos
Choreography: Bruno Benne

Maria Palaska, Stavros Nikolaou, Dimitra Kottidou, Despina Panagiotou, Konstantinos Zabounis, Mihalis Psyrras, Dimitra Antonaki, Io Stouri, Maria Konstantaki

“Rosarte” Children and Youth Choir
Chorus master: Rosi Mastrosava

Armonia Atenea-The Friends of Music Orchestra (on period instruments)
Conductor: Markellos Chrysikopoulos

A “baroque party” for the carnival season, and a fresh reading of a musical theatre which can look back on more than three hundred years of life. The spectators are invited to a lesson in baroque dance, under the direction of Bruno Benne, and called on to play their part in the performance by joining the actors and dancers on the stage.
The performers were chosen in auditions organized in association with the Armonia Atenea-The Friends of Music Orchestra.