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The Politics of the Human: Promises and Dangers


The Megaron Plus and the London School of Economics and Political Science
In collaboration with the Hellenic Alumni Association of the London School of Economics
and the LSE Hellenic Observatory

Cycle: “New Reflections on Our Changing World”

Professor Anne Phillips FBA, Graham Wallas Professor of Political Science, LSE

Discussant: Professor Thalia Dragonas Professor of Social Psychology, University of Athens; former Member of the Greek Parliament

Co-ordinator: Professor Kevin Featherstone, FAcSS. Eleftherios Venizelos Professor of Contemporary Greek Studies and Professor of European Politics; Director, Hellenic Observatory

When we think of ourselves primarily as human, we say that our shared humanity matters more than our race, religion, gender, nationality, and so on.  This is a powerful ethical ideal. But the notion of the human can exclude as much as include; and when it diverts attention from difference to commonality, it can encourage an empty sentimentalism that wishes away the realities of power.

(In English and Greek with simultaneous translation)