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Ex Silentio: “The Courts of the Orient”


Secular music by composers who lived at the courts in Thessaloniki (13th century), Nicosia (14th century) and Constantinople. Polyphonic music from the Cypriot Codex Turin composed by the troubadours Raimbaut de Vaqueiras, Elias Cairel and the Constantinopolitan composers Angelís and Nikolakis. 

Ex Silentio
Fani Antonelou voice
Thymios Atzakas oud
Elektra Miliadou vielle & viola da gamba
Nikos Varelas percussion instruments
Dimitris Kountouras recorder, transverse flute & conducting

Socrates Sinopoulos Constantinopolitan lyre

As part of the concert, an Open Seminar will be held on Friday 2 December (Dimitris Mitropoulos Hall)
by the Centre for Old Music at the Athens Conservatory.
The masterclass is aimed at music students, professional musicians and also music-lovers.
It will be open to the public, who will thus have the opportunity to come into contact with Old Music.