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Beethoven – Tsalachouris 0-2

One of Beethoven’s first works, written at the age of fourteen, the Piano Concerto No. 0, has been re-composed and orchestrated by Philippos Tsalachouris at the request of the Athens Concert Hall Organization, and is being performed for the second time at the Concert Hall. Together with the great German composer’s early work, Philippos Tsalachouris’ Piano Concerto No. 2 will be presented for the first time – a real musical ‘diversion’!

- Piano Concerto no 0, Wo04 (re-composition – orchestration by Philippos Tsalachouris)
   Elisavet Kounalaki

- Philippos Tsalachouris: Piano Concerto No. 2 (world premiere)
  Thodoris Tzovanakis

The Musicians of the Armonia Atenea-Friends of Music Orchestra
Conductor: Philippos Tsalachouris