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Ionia Ensemble
“Treading the paths of tradition”


Athens Concert Hall Organization
“Ionia” Association

From Thrace to Crete, and from the Ionian islands to Asia Minor.
A concert dedicated to the great singer of Greek traditional music, Chronis Aidonidis

Director: Maria Thomopoulou

Babis Tsertos
Nadia Karayianni
Vassilis Agrocostas

Special guests:
Chronis Aidonidis
Eleni Tsaligopoulou

Also featuring the folk dance groups:
Lyceum Club of Greek Women (Lykeion ton Hellenidon),
Department of Nea Ionia
Union of Epirotes, Ilion

“Ionia” Ensemble (Choir & Orchestra)
Chorus master: Cornelia Frangoyianni
Conductor: Nektarios Demelis

We would like thank ERT for allowing us to use the video screened in the show
(Lambros Liavas ‘To alati tis gis’ [‘salt of the earth’]