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+AESTHESES (Plus Senses)
Dziga Vertov: Man with a movie camera


The complete understanding of situations and emotions is the result of the harmonious (or not!) cooperation of all our senses, since none of the five can ever function independently.
The +AESTHESES (Plus Senses) cycle proposes events where music, naturally representing the sense of hearing, cooperates with forms of expression of art, which represent the other four senses (touch, smell, taste, sight). Thus, through play, we can perhaps discover how our understanding as members of the audience changes depending on factors which stimulate a different sense each time.

Dziga Vertov: Man with a movie camera

Screening of the silent film by Dziga Vertov “Man with a movie camera”
with live music accompaniment (new music score of Alexandros Mouzas in its Greek premier)

Music, live electronics, conductor: Alexandros Mouzas

Costas Tzekos clarinet
Costas Panayiotidis violin
Alexandros Botinis cello
Christos Sakellaridis piano