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Epicycle and Project 21 by Jani Christou


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Megaron - The Athens Concert Hall

In his later works, Jani Christou was influenced by tendencies in conceptual art. After his death, many ideas for compositions that he never completed were found in his archives. Project 21 was completed by Rupert Huber, who also adapted the Greek composer’s Epicycle.

-Jani Christou: Epicycle, for any participant (adaptation by Rupert Huber)
-Jani Christou/Rupert Huber: Project 21 for 5 performers and electronic music

Orchestra: Ensemble Spinario

Conductor: Rupert Huber

Cornelia Bitzner
Alexander Hermann
Doris Huber
Donald Manuel
Tobias Schlierf

Concept & direction: Rupert Huber