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International Animated Film Music Competition


In cooperation with the
Animasyros International Animation Festival + Agora

In an effort to put a spotlight on cinematic musical creation, the Athens Concert Hall has announced the holding of a competition for the composition of original music for a short-length animation film, and, specifically, the prize-winning ‘To Fyllo tis Lefkas’ (‘The Leaf of the Poplar’), directed by Eirini Vianelli.

There will be a screening of the film on Wednesday 17 May together with those scores chosen to go on to the final round of the competition, from where the eventual winners will emerge.

The choosing of the winners and their awards in the form of money prizes will be made by an international committee comprising Vasco Hexel (Royal College of Music, London), the French composer Pierre Caillet (a specialist in animation music), the Greek composers Konstantinos Vitas, Nikos Platyrachos and Dimitris Maragkopoulos as well as Maria Anestopoulou, Director of the Animasyros International Animation Festival.