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Hommage à l’amour - Love Songs from the Renaissance


A tribute to Renaissance music featuring love songs from France, England and Italy. The age of humanism and discoveries is at the same time the high point of Renaissance polyphony, music printing, and the dissemination of secular music. “Hommage à l’ Amour”, a concert inspired by Valentine’s Day, presents known and rare renaissance songs in various languages, thus highlighting the early national styles of the 16th century.

Works by Guillaume Dufay, Jacques Arcadelt, Henry VIII, Francesco de Laudis

Ensemble of the Athens Centre for Early Music
Eleni Efthimiou, Irini Bilini-Moraiti, Despina Panagiotou, Theano Papadaki,
Olga Papakonstantinou, Alexandra Plessia
Athanassia Telliou viola da gamba, vielle
Panos Iliopoulos harpsichord, organ
Dimitris Kountouras conductor, transverse flute