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Sissi Rada: Strings Attached


An audio-visual live performance for harp, voice and electronics as a twisted homage to classical music and all the classical archetypes that formed our identity. Using the music of P.I.Tchaikovsky as a starting point, cables, laser lights, laptops  and the restless eyes of the award winning visual team Schnellebuntebilder take us to the world of Sissi Rada which knows no boundaries between genres.
Sissi Rada is a persona that conflicts with her diversity. Enjoying collaborations with the Berliner Philharmoniker, the Deutsche Oper, MusicAeterna, David August, Deerhoof, Kadebostany and Lena Platonos. Sissi Rada has played at the Berliner Festspiele, the XJazz Festival and the Electronic Beats festival. Her debut Album Pragma was released 2016 from Inner Ear records. In October 2019 her new album is coming out from Kryptox Records. Alongside with her stable collaborator Max Trieder and other head of Sissi Rada, they are going to deliver on stage the most modern retro performance.
Schnellebuntebilder are award winning audio visual artists from Berlin. They made quite an impression in the artistic world with their visuals at the celebrated opening concert of the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg. Since then they worked on audiovisual live performances, theatre plays and art projects in Berlin, Los Angeles, Graz, Barcelona, San Francisco and Copenhagen.

Sissi Rada harp, voice
Max Trieder electronics, keyboard
Schnellebuntebilder visuals