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Maurice Béjart – The Magic Flute


A performance for the entire family

December, 25

A great favourite with Greek audiences, the Béjart Ballet Lausanne presents Mozart’s most famous opera for the first time in Greece, revealing the deeper meaning of movement through a choreography that remains faithful to the musical work. Alternating fantasy with comedy, Maurice Béjart illustrates this fairy tale scene by scene, creating a universe of dance that projects childish innocence against the background of a rigid, hierarchical, adult world.

The Magic Flute is about the conflict between the sexes, a conflict which stems from the mystery of the couple. Man and woman must know themselves first, through a series of tests that will render them worthy of companionship.

Choreography: Maurice Béjart
Music: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
(Soundtrack: Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, Karl Böhm, Deutsche Grammophon–Polydor, 1964)
Set & Costumes from the original designs of Alan Burrett
Costume Designer: Henri Davila

Béjart Ballet Lausanne

Co-produced by GR ENTERTAINMENT WORLD LTD and the Athens Concert Hall
Invitation–Production SK–LAMBO PRODUCTIONS