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‘Making Karagiozis’
Educational Workshop


A workshop for children aged 5 and over.

‘The House of Karagiozis’ becomes a workshop, and well-known shadow-puppeteer Elias Karellas invites the fans of the beloved shadow-theatre hero to visit it!

The children will discover the magic of the shadow theatre, and learn what a shadow-theatre figure is made of, how it moves, how the voices are produced, as well as how to make their own professional Karagiozis figures. This unique experience will end with the children going behind the white screen and becoming real-life shadow-puppeteers!
Children aged 5-7
Children aged 8-12

Maximum number of participants: 25 children per workshop

Duration: 90 mins

Co-produced by the Elias Karellas Shadow Theatre Company and the Athens Concert Hall