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Tribute to Thodoros Antoniou I

The first tribute concert to composer and music teacher Thodoros Antoniou (1935-2018): the Academica String Orchestra plays Celebration VII (2000), written for the Camerata–Friends of Music Orchestra, and Εpitaph ΙΙ, dedicated to his pupil Kimon Chytiris, who conducted its world premiere in Naples, in 2010. The programme includes Leoš Janáček’s light-hearted, youthful Suite for Strings, as well as the first performance of Nikos Athinaios’ Piano Concerto conducted by himself: a tonal work, traditionally in three parts, and distantly Greek-sounding, with pianist Thodoris Tzovanakis.

- Thodoros Antoniou: Celebration VII, for strings

- Nikos Athinaios: Concerto for Piano and Strings (First performance)

- Thodoros Antoniou: Epitaph II

- Leoš Janáček: Suite for Strings

Thodoris Tzovanakis

The Academica String Orchestra
Conducted by Nikos Athinaios