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Dimitra Galani: ‘Oh, Eros, when you…’


Dimitra Galani in a programme dedicated to the songs of love. A journey through space and time in search of love poetry and the splendid music that accompanies it. Her long-time collaborators will help her bring to light the loveliest songs of each era, through a novel approach of the Greek and the international repertoire.

 With the participation of award-winning Greek-Brazilian composer and songwriter Katerina Polemi, and talented composer Stathis Drakos (Minor Project)

Special guest Paulina Voulgaraki
Serafeim Giannakopoulos drums
Stelios Provis bass
Spyros Manesis piano
Minas Liakos guitar
Yannis Rallis guitar
Orestes Benekas keyboards

Programme Supervisor Margarita Mytilinaiou

Co-produced by Prospero and the Athens Concert Hall