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George Drivas, Structures of feelings

AnnexM, under the direction of Anna Kafetsi,launches on the 23rd of July at the Athens Concert Hall Garden the exhibition George Drivas, Structures of feelings, curated by Anna-Maria Kanta. The exhibition is realized with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture and Sports. It includes three new productions that will be presenteduntil the 20th of September dailyafter sunset and until midnight. Entrance is free.
Known to the public from the representation ofthe Greek Pavillionat theGreek pavilion of the 57th Venice Biennale (2017) as well as from his solo exhibitions at the National Museum of Contemporary Art (2018, 2009) and at the National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rome (2017), Drivas presents his work for the first time in the open public space and transforms the idyllic Garden into an enigmatic world, albeit one not that distant from our own. 
The most recent work of the distinguished artist, at once topical and prescient, is being produced and presented in the midst of a transitional period, the importance of which we are just beginning to apprehend.As the curator of the exhibition notes: “With Structures of feelings, it is as if Drivas seeks to give form and expression to the assemblage of experiences, arbitrary drifts and affects that characterize the ‘particular quality’ of our era. In the search of these shifting phenomena, Drivas invokes various narrative forms– from the field of literature and theater to that of video-games. By the same token, he returns to the constant themes of his oeuvre: the intrusion of ‘foreign’, threatening elements in ostensibly stable social, technological or biological systems, the fragile balance between the statistically predictable and the unpredictable, our relationship with the ‘Other’. To these questions he does not impose answers. To the contrary, his work concentrates on discourse itself, on language as a medium facilitating the figuration of experience and the transformation of emotion”.
In the three video-installations of this exhibition (Empirical Data 2.0 [2019], Aeonium [2020] και Kaizo [2020]) the artist unfolds different outcomes of the same story and tries out hypothetical versions of an unspecified “script”.The spectator is being confronted with a peculiar repertoire of characters who are presented to us either as harbingers of woe or as carriers of raw emotions. He setsthem toexperience unexpected events, to return persistently to pastexperiences, to repeat words and thoughts already uttered. He wants thus to sense the feeling ofinner and social time, and tosurvey the limitation of human action.