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Premio Strega in Athens


IN COLLABORATION with the Italian Cultural Institute-Athens

The Premio Strega is Italy’s most prestigious literary award. At the initiative of the Athens Italian Cultural Institute, a Greek panel was recently set up to read the shortlist of works and cast its own vote for the winner of the 2012 award.
As part of this initiative, the Athens Readers Panel will be convening at the Concert Hall to meet this year’s and last year’s winners Alessandro Piperno and Edoardo Nesi.

Edoardo Nesi, author (Premio Strega 2011)
Alessandro Piperno, author (Premio Strega 2012)
Stefano Petrocchi, co-ordinator of the Bellonci Foundation
Anteos Chrysostomides, translator, journalist
Anna Papastavrou, translator, author

CO-ORDINATOR, Petros Markaris, author