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Armonia Atenea Musical Gastronomy: Viennese Waltzes


Waltzes by Johann Strauss, as enjoyed by the enfants terribles of early 20th century Vienna, A. Schoenberg, A. Webern and A. Berg.

The Musical Gastronomy season is a series of three concerts at which leading Greek chefs will produce original menus inspired by the evening’s music. In a setting quite unlike that of the conventional concert, audiences and musicians will enjoy a thrilling game of flavours and sounds. At the first concert, the fairy-tale Vienna of Johann Strauss will provide the inspiration for delicious gastronomic creations by Lefteris Lazarou.
- Johann Strauss/Arnold Schoenberg:  Rosen aus dem Süden, opus 388
                                                              Kaiser-Walzer, opus 437
- Johann Strauss/Anton Webern: Schatz Waltz, opus 418
- Johann Strauss/Alban Berg: Wein, Weib und Gesang, opus 333

Armonia Atenea
The Friends of Music Orchestra
Grand Sponsor of the Orchestra 2011-2013

CONDUCTOR George Petrou

The Daskalopoulos Foundation for Culture and Development