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All the facilities of the Concert Hall are designed to the highest standards. Each of the concert halls has its own dressing rooms, which are both efficient and comfortable.

The Christos Lambrakis Hall has its own separate dressing room for conductors – a luxurious suite with all the appropriate amenities. The piano in this room rests on a specially designed ‘suspended’ floor, to avoid any possibility of vibrations being carried to the adjacent venue.
Each of the six performers’ dressing rooms has similar amenities and a private bathroom. There are separate dressing rooms, similarly equipped, for choir, orchestra and dancers.

The Alexandra Trianti Hall has dressing rooms at stage level and above and below the stage, designed to meet the performers’ needs during the performance.
There are two luxurious suites at stage level, as well as two individual dressing rooms, for the leading musicians and soloists, as well as five two-person and one four-person dressing rooms.
On level E2, beneath the stage, there are three offices, six dressing rooms serving from six to fourteen persons, two dressing rooms for orchestra members and one single room.
On the level above the stage there are eight dressing rooms, with similar amenities, capable of accommodating from four to fourteen persons, one individual room and a make-up area.

The Dimitris Mitropoulos Hall has three individual and three group dressing rooms. The Nikos Skalkotas Hall has five group dressing room which can accommodate from six to ten persons, with three individual rooms. The Banquet Hall boasts two one-person dressing rooms, and two rooms accommodating up to ten persons.