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Sponsors of the Athens Concert Hall are supporting innovation, inspiration, artistic creativity and education.
They are rewarding quality and generating public interest and enthusiasm by helping to finance important productions.
They are ensuring that the vision of the Concert Hall’s founder is carried forward into the future.
They are the companions and supporters of a major cultural organization, doing important work and recognized on the international stage.
Because, at the Athens Concert Hall, the essential things are visible*

Twenty years since it first opened its doors to the public, the Athens Concert Hall is now seen as the country’s top cultural institution, occupying a central role in the world of Greek music. It enjoys the affection and dedicated support of the public, with a hard core of staunch supporters whose number is growing continuously.

The Concert Hall’s sustained attempts to reach out to the public, offering innovative performances and events of high quality and creativity, require substantial funds, necessary to enable the organization to carry on its artistic, educational and social activities.

Fortunately our belief that the arts are an integral part of the life of a healthy society is shared not only by the state, but also by generous sponsors – companies, institutions and private individuals.

A large number of such sponsors have contributed to the work of the Concert Hall, demonstrating in concrete terms their confidence in the organization. Sponsorship enables companies to meet their goals for corporate social responsibility, and to support the arts and the cultural values of our society. Sponsorship enables a company or individual to make an active contribution to the public good, and to help pave the way for new achievements and progress.

The Athens Concert Hall takes every possible opportunity to publicly acknowledge the contribution of its sponsors, expressing its gratitude for their support and its confidence that in its continuing pursuit of creativity and quality it will always enjoy the backing of such valuable supporters.

*L’essentiel est invisible’, Antoine de Saint Exupery, Le Petit Prince