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The Megaron Shop

How much art and imagination can be contained in every day?

Items bearing the Megaron sign, made especially for the M shop, for any moment of the day, for the school or the home, for friends, for a trip or for the road. From a simple T shirt bearing a ballet shoe print or an aria title, coffee or tea mugs, ‘intelligent’ bookmarks or fridge magnets, novelty bags that make city life easier, to wooden colour pencil cases, pencils and note books there is a wide range of items offered by Megaron at the new Megaron shop.


Recycled materials find their place in  the M shop, they are transformed into utilizable items, unique pressed paper dolls and jewellery, kitchen gloves or knitting wool, little lanterns and small works of art wonderfully painted optical effect… of the drinking straws.
The Megaron art activity can be seen at the M shop window, where programmes and publications of its historic performances can be found.  These include programmes of exceptional aesthetics and content from the cycles “Maria Callas”, “Elektra”, “Wagner” as well as catalogues of the great Megaron exhibitions and special editions signed by the Sorbonne professors Pierre Brunnel and Jean Luis Backés, all of which comprise a source of cultural wealth addressing not only collectors but any new art lover.
The M shop is in constant interaction with the activities, the events and performances running on the Megaron stages every time, and every time there are cleverly suggested souvenirs, odds and ends and, certainly, music. Artists are cleverly and dynamically present at the M shop. This presence has been introduced by famous Greek artists, who have donated strings from their violins or guitars to be transformed into impressive rings.


The M shop, an elegant spot in the heart of Megaron, suggests ideas for useful and attractive items, a lot of good music, cds and compilations that will impress and several items, jewellery, sculptures, engravings, lighting fixtures and dolls signed by well known or promising Greek designers.
The M shop addresses all its friends and certainly the children for whom there are numerous and imaginary suggestions, such as small rug toys for the first months of their lives or musical fairy tales and books. Finally, the M shop style is every time in harmony with the season, with gifts and ideas for every occasion.

The M shop creation is signed by the Greek architects Maria Kokkinou and Andreas Kourkoulas. Manos Bordonarakis is responsible for creating it, while the identity of appearance is signed by Michalis Georgiou, Alexandros Gavrilakis and Dimitris Stefanidis from G Design studio.

Opening Hours:
Monday – Friday, 10 am to 6 pm
Saturday, 10 am to 2 pm
During performances until 10 pm

Contact numbers: 210 7282 723, 210 7282 217
Email: themshop@megaron.gr