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Music Library of Greece “Lilian Voudouri” – The Friends of Music Society



The Athens Concert Hall is home to an ever-expanding library of works on music and the other arts, designed and organized to international standards. 
The collection is enormous, and growing steadily, with a wealth of books and records featuring western music, as well as all manifestations of music in the Greek world – ancient, Byzantine, folk music, popular and art music, rembetika, etc.
The material housed in the library also includes archives of composers, rare collections, jazz and examples of the music of traditional cultures around the world.
The range of subjects covered now extends far beyond music, with important collections on ancient Greek art, theatre, literature, philosophy and other subjects.
The library has more than 63,000 books and musical scores, 22,000 volumes on microfiche, 400 periodicals, 10,000 sound recordings and a wealth of other audiovisual material.
There is also access to 150 digital publications and multimedia resources in various areas, rare books, concert programmes and numerous manuscripts.

photos: Haris Akriviadis

Housed in its new facilities, the Lilian Voudouri Library provides its services and materials free of charge, playing an active role in music education and research in Greece through its seminars and services, its annual lecture series, the conferences it organizes, its guided tours of the library, its children’s library, its research programmes and its educational CD-ROM on traditional Greek instruments.

The library has received invaluable assistance from the Lilian Voudouri Foundation and runs many of the educational activities sponsored by the Friends of Music Society.