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Alexandros Kotzias: Twenty years on – Writing yesterday about the troubles of today


In collaboration with the Kedros Publications

An event dedicated to Alexandros Kotzias, one of the most important writers of the first post-war generation, marking the twentieth year since his death and the reissuing of his very timely novel, Fantastic Adventure (Kedros Publications)

- Venetia Apostolidou, Associate Professor of Modern Greek Literature – Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
- Maro Douka, writer
- Elias Maglinis, journalist & writer
- Giannis Papatheodorou, Assistant Professor of Modern Greek Philology – University of Ioannina
- Maria Rota, lecturer of Modern Greek Philology -  University of Athens

CO-ORDINATOR: Elena Houzouri, writer & critic

(The symposium will be held in Greek)