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Revolutions per Minute


The Bridges series is directed by Dimitris Maragopulos

In another imaginative approach to young people,
our “Bridges” series will be introducing them to DJ culture

Revolutions per Minute: A spotlight on DJ culture
- A live stream of DJ sets, parallel actions, workshops and discussions, in a multi-faceted event for the beat generation. Events will begin at 5 pm, MC2 Hall
- Featuring A Guy Called Gerald and Bill Brewster from the UK and the Greeks George Bakalakos (DAVID), Espeekay, Junior Sp, Black Athena, Mr. Z., Sparky T & Royal K (DMC showcase), Petros Floorfiller, Christian Cambas, Κaterina Kafetzi, Chevy and many others.

We will be presenting a selection of the most influential “selectors” clearly influenced by DJ culture and the turntable tradition, in a rare exchange of music, views and experiences. Beats, dance music, mixing and scratching will all feature at the event. Revolutions per minute will bring together the entire beat generation.