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“Epilogos 2014”


In collaboration with the non-profit organization “EPILOGOS”

The annual cultural review Epilogos will this year mark its twenty-third year.
As part of the presentation of this year’s issue, Epilogos 2014, there will be special tributes to two leading figures in the arts: the talented and award-winning director and film-maker Nikos Koundouros, and the eminent vocalist, known for her unique interpretations of songs by M. Theodorakis, Maria Farandouri.

The event will be introduced by author and consultant to the publication, K. Georgousopoulos, the review’s director T. Vlastos and its editor, journalist G. N. Baskozos. Leading figures from the arts and literature will speak about the work of the two personalities being honoured.

Presentation: Grigoris Valtinos, actor