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The Virgin Mary around the World


Savina Yannatou and Primavera en Salonico take us on a magical journey in space and time: from the Black Madonnas of Africa and the Indian Madonnas of the Caribbean and Latin America, to the Greek and Cypriot laments for the Virgin, the folk dirges of Corsica, Sardinia and Armenia, the Italian tarantellas and Spanish mediaeval hymns for the Virgin Mary.

Savina Yannatou song

Primavera en Salonico (Yannis Alexandris oud, guitar, tambura / Kostas Vomvolos kanonaki, accordion, kalimba / Kyriakos Gouventas violin / Haris Lambrakis ney / Michalis Siganidis double-bass / Kostas Theodorou percussion instruments)