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Guitar Days – Notis Mavroudis


The Bridges series is directed by Dimitris Maragopulos

Tracing its roots back to ancient Greek music, the guitar is first found in its contemporary form in Spanish music of the 15th century, and has since then built up an immensely rich repertory.
This year’s “Bridges” programme will be giving a special place to the instrument, which has fostered such rich creative links between popular and serious music.
On “Guitar Days” are featured guitarists who, apart from being skillful performers, are also masters with significant educational works.
The students honor their teacher in an introduction-concert which takes place in the very same location.

Areti Melani, Alexandros Karokis, Anna-Maria Galani

- Works by L. Brouwer, N. Coste, J. Malats, J. Morel
   Areti Melani guitar

- Works by J.S. Bach, A. Barrios, A. Piazzolla, L. Brouwer
   Alexandros Karokis guitar

- Works by Y. Yocoh, L. Brouwer, B. Britten, N. Koshkin
   Anna-Maria Galani guitar