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Tango en Eros
«Noche de Tango y Milonga»


Celebrate Valentine’s Day with music and dance in a two-day series of events
at the Megaron Athens Concert Hall

The Athens Concert Hall Organization
Tango Acropolis Festivals

Under the auspices of the Embassy of Argentine Republic

A celebration of the most passionate and popular Latin American dance

Tango en Eros
«Noche de Tango y Milonga»

Live music with the Hamburg Tango Quintet and dancing for everyone
on the stage into the small hours!

D.j. Filimon Zaharatos

By purchasing a ticket for the Tango Acropolis Show (Christos Lambrakis Hall)
the public can receive advance-sale tickets for Noche de Tango y Milonga (Banquet)
for €10 from 22 January

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