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“Contemporary music without codes”


The Bridges series is directed by Dimitris Maragopulos

A co-production with the Greek Composers’ Union

With this all-day event at the Megaron, Theodore Antoniou and Christos Papageorgiou
propose to us a quite different, charming and subversive approach to contemporary music.

- Dimitris Mitropoulos Hall :

The rehearsal for the evening concert is open to the public

Music Plus

Works by J. Cage, S. Reich, G. Schuller, A. Logothetis, L. Hatzileontiadis, J. Christou, Th. Antoniou

Hellenic Group of Contemporary Music
Conductor: Theodore Antoniou

- Banqueting Hall

14:00 - 20:00
Discussions and presentations on the subject of contemporary music and its relationship with the visual arts and movement, improvisation competition, musical “installations” and much more.

Taking part are: the artist N. Klironomos, the Electro-acoustic Music Laboratory of the Ionian University
and the Greek National School of Dance