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Two-day Event on the Human Voice
Lou is – Straight from the soul


Artists, who express in a different way their soul and their dreams, mediate through the most primary
of musical instruments: the human voice.

Straight from the soul.  Lou is explores through the international repertoire the whole gamut of human moments from France to America, from the Tango Argentino to Soul, from the whisper to the scream…all the voice’s hues and sensitivity.

Louisa Sofianopoulou song
Manos Kitsikopoulos piano

Offer packages:
Prices for 2 concerts on the same day:
Zone B: € 14, Zone A: € 16
Prices for 3 concerts on the same day: Zone B: € 18, Zone A: € 20
(special prices are not valid for offer packages)

Ticket prices differ for the concerts below, which are not included in the offer packages:
- Katerina Tsiridou: “The Ladies of Rebetiko, 28 January, 22:30
- Northern Lights, 29 January, 11:30