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Two-day Event on the Human Voice
Night Confession


Artists, who express in a different way their soul and their dreams, mediate through the most primary
of musical instruments: the human voice.

Two voices “à la Hadjidakis” and a piano “confess” through the songs we’ve loved.
A programme featuring the songs of Manos Hadjidakis.

Vassilis Gisdakis, Elena Papanikolaou song
Miltos Logiades piano

Offer packages:
Prices for 2 concerts on the same day:
Zone B: € 14, Zone A: € 16
Prices for 3 concerts on the same day: Zone B: € 18, Zone A: € 20
(special prices are not valid for offer packages)

Ticket prices differ for the concerts below, which are not included in the offer packages:
- Katerina Tsiridou: “The Ladies of Rebetiko, 28 January, 22:30
- Northern Lights, 29 January, 11:30