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Oedipus Rex
“Will my action exist forever then?”


In cooperation with the Drama School of the Athens Conservatoire

A research approach to the material of Oedipus Rex, performed by the final-year students of the Drama School of the Athens Conservatoire, as a part of their diploma examinations (2016) under the guidance of their teachers, Argyris Xafis (episodes) and Amalia Moutousi (chorus). This is a study in progress based on ancient drama and the subjects which touch on the archetypal opposing poles (knowledge – ignorance, man – god, faith – logic, light – darkness). From the tragedy of the episodes up to the metaphysical timeless world of the chorus: thus unfolds Sophocles’ narration. Actors come face to face with the successive switching of characters (training exercise in different roles), with the power of the spoken word as a means of action, and the fusing of the two central columns on which ancient tragedy is supported, the ‘earthly’ world of events in the present tense (plot, events, interaction) and the otherworldly universe of the chorus, whose sound travels through time.

Minos Volanakis (episodes), Nikos A. Panayiotopoulos (chorus)
Acting teachers: Argyris Xafis (episodes), Amalia Moutousi (chorus)
Movement director: Amalia Bennett