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Ventus Ensemble
Breath - Elizabethan songs and Renaissance madrigals


Ventus Ensemble presents a programme based on Elizabethan songs and madrigals of well-known Renaissance composers. The works have been treated and arranged by the composer Kornilios Selamsis, each one of which is entwined in an original composition, in an on-going dialogue with the original.

- John Dowland: Toss not my soul & Would my conceit
- Thomas Morley: Leave now mine eyes lamenting
- Alfonso Ferrabosco II: Hear me O God
- William Byrd: Ye sacred Muses
- Henry Purcell: Dido’s lament

Kornilios Selamsis arrangement, original composition

Elena Krasaki soprano

Ventus Ensemble
Conductor: Yiorgos Ziavras