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Periklis Liakakis «X_isTense»


World premiere

Chamber opera X_isTense revolves around the theme of Crisis. Social crisis, midlife crisis, and the crisis in Art, especially in modern art, all create a claustrophobic environment in which human existence is constantly threatened. The only outlet seems to be the sudden realization of how small we are within the vast universe and how trivial these torturing Crisis questions finally are. Unanswered questions are dealt by posing a greater unanswered question in a process that goes on until the end of time.
The musical ensemble consists of an actor, a baritone saxophone, an accordion, and an electric guitar. Electronic sounds, drones and jungle beats, contrapuntal music on non-tempered scales, in which quarter tones dominate, create the soundscape of this composition.

Composition, text, electronics, video: Periklis Liakakis

Narrator, performer: Achilles Anastasiadis
Costas Makrygiannakis electric guitar
Constantinos Raptis accordion
Theofilos Sotiriades baritone saxophone