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Byzantine Hymns of the Passion


The Byzantine melos for the Crucifixion and the Epitáphios Thrēnos (Lamentation of Christ): the solemn experience of Byzantine Music.

Byzantine music has acquired a unique status and autonomy that allows it to function beyond the Greek Orthodox Church services: in concerts, public squares, and recordings, it retains its profoundly religious character. Following the Psaltic Tradition of Constantinople as handed down by Ecumenical Patriarchate Protopsaltes (Cantor) Thrasyvoulos Stanitsas, the Ergastiri Psaltikis (Psaltic Workshop Choir) sings the liturgical hymns of the Passion, the Deposition from the Cross, and the Lamentation.

The Ergastiri Psaltikis
Choirmaster: Athanasios Païvanás