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Olivier Messiaen: Twenty Contemplations on the Infant Jesus


A religious, spiritual, and musical quest by French composer Olivier Messiaen. In the microcosm of this musical contemplation of the childhood of Jesus, birdsong, diaphony, and themes from Liszt coexist with moments of tenderness, even sensuousness. Messiaen’s most important piano work perhaps, a real challenge for the pianist.

Olivier Messiaen: Vingt regards sur l’enfant-Jésus, for solo piano

Stefanos Nasos piano
Christos Sakellaridis piano

Installation artist Evanthia Tsantila
Supervisor Anna Kafetsi

Evanthia Tsantila’s installation was designed especially for the work Twenty Contemplations on the Infant Jesus. The twenty images (computer, ink, watercolour, photographs), and the verbal comments that are projected successively ‘create a parallel visual experience intended to respond in an elliptical and cryptic manner to Messiaen’s unique musical style, and to the religious feeling reflected in the titles of his work’.