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Asaf Avidan
The Study on Falling

A decade ago, Asaf Avidan embarked on an impressive career, deeply influenced by his love of two kinds of music, folk-rock and Americana, which have been integrated into his music in a special and felicitous manner. The Study on Falling is the sixth record of the singer-songwriter, guitarist, and harmonicist, if we include the three albums that he recorded with the Mojos.
Originally from Israel, Asaf became extremely popular both in Europe—especially France— and America. He has chosen to make his recordings in the US, believing that he must exercise his art in the country of the music that he loves. Acting upon this principle, he collaborates with Mark Howard, who had been in charge, among other things, of Bob Dylan’s Time Out of Mind and Tom Waits’ Orphans (two of Asaf’s favourite records). Asaf wanted to abandon the studio and take his equipment and his musicians along with him wherever he went. In this record, he collaborated with Jim Keltner, drummer for superstars John Lennon and Elvis Presley, and Larry Taylor, bassist for the legendary Canned Heat, the Monkees, and Jerry Lee Lewis. Asaf Avidan always uses his voice as a musical instrument in itself. Its unique timbre defies comparison with any other artist. As is usually the case with his albums, The Study on Falling showcases his ability to interweave atmospheric motifs that activate his own favourite genres. His lyrics are strikingly direct and honest. Asaf’s real intention is to let the listeners discover and interpret his lyrics for themselves. And the music is the perfect accompaniment to this exciting mirage.

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