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The World Upside Down


The new musical by the COPERNICUS theatre group turns the Athens Concert Hall upside down!
For children aged 3 to 103!

A mistaken calculation brings two lovable characters, ‘naïve’ Ludovikos and ‘know-all’ Friderikos, among the spectators at a children’s musical. With their special temperament, the two protagonists cause a series of gaffes and misunderstandings that gradually lead the action towards an uncontrollable windup!
An impressive group of actors, singers, and musicians in a masterly combination of interactive play, witty, humorous dialogue, and a lot of dancing.

Text, lyrics: Emi Sini
Music, arrangement: Angelos Angelou
Director: Guy Stefanou
Motion, choreography: Thanos Daskalopoulos
Staging: Copernicus theatre group
Lighting designer: Apostolis Strantzalis
Sound engineer: Brian Coon

Actors: Orestis Tziovas, Yannis Drakopoulos
Singers: Timos Daskalopoulos, Maria Papageorgiou, Pantelis Ravdas
Angelos Angelou piano
Marinos Galatsinos clarinet
Dionysis Vervitsiotis violin
Dimitris Tsekouras double bass