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A Line Supreme


How are emotions and sensations influenced by linear motion, as lengthening in one direction causes simultaneous shortening on the opposite side? Andrea Rama, a graduate of the Greek State School of Dance who lives between Berlin and Luxembourg, experiments with linearity as observed in humans and nature.

Concept & Choreographer: Andrea Rama (Porson's Khashoggi)
Dramaturg: Xeni Alexandrou (Porson's Khashoggi)
Sound designer: Giorgos Laliotis
Costume designer: Charlotte Paréja
Lighting designer: Maria Dermitzaki
Performers: Natalie Mandila, Rhiannon Morgan, Andrea Rama, Baptiste Hilbert

Production Les Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg
Co-production MAC Maison des Arts de Créteil; Attiki Cultural Society; The Athens Concert Hall; Le Théâtre des Cordeliers, Annonay

With the support of FOCUNA – Fonds Culturel National, Luxembourg; TROIS -C-L – Centre de création chorégraphique luxembourgeois; Andrzej Meżerycki Arts & Culture Centre, Siedlce; Garage Performing Arts Centre, Corfu