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Unsung Heroes


Enfants terribles of the Greek baroque scene, they have managed to bring a specialist repertoire into the mainstream. Iason Ioannou, Dimitris Tigas, Theodoros Kitsos, and Markellos Chryssicos, who often meet in baroque ensembles, such as Latinitas Nostra and Ex Silentio, present the earliest virtuoso cellists and composers who contributed to the evolution of this instrument. A concert dedicated to the baroque cello, including works written by lesser-known or misunderstood composers.

Works by Domenico Gabrielli, Joseph Bodin de Boismortier, Domenico Scarlatti, Pietro Gioseppe Gaetano Boni, Joseph Dall'Abaco, Jean-Baptiste Barrière

Iason Ioannou baroque cello
Dimitris Tigas violone
Theodoros Kitsos theorbo, baroque guitar, mandolin
Markellos Chryssicos harpsichord, tambourine