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Cleo Travels in Musical Spacetime: Middle Ages, Renaissance, Baroque


A lively girl full of curiosity, Cleo travels in spacetime with the help of a magic book and a wind instrument made of clay.
On her first journey, she travels to the Middle Ages, Renaissance, and Baroque. What on earth is a gemshorn? What does Hildegard tell Cleo when they meet in faraway Bingen? What unfortunate incident sends Johann Sebastian to Weimar’s prison?
The Megaron’s young friends learn all about period instruments, old music forms, and the iconic figures that shaped the course of European music.

Works by Hildegard von Bingen, Claudio Monteverdi, Georg Friedrich Händel, Antonio Vivaldi, Johann Sebastian Bach, Georg Philipp Telemann

Concept, Music selection, Written and Performed by Sofia Topouzi

Angeliki Kasda baroque violin
Iason Ioannou baroque cello
Panos Iliopoulos harpsichord
Dimitris Kountouras beak flute, transverse flute, gemshorn, music director

Part of Sunday Mornings at Megaron, Cleo Travels in Musical Spacetime also travels to:
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- Greek Tradition – From the Byzantine Epics to Modern Times (27.1.2019)
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