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The Experiment


Megaron - The Athens Concert Hall
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A family lives encaged in a large transparent sphere, observed by a scientist outside, sometimes overtly and sometimes not. The scientist’s gaze impacts the family’s behaviour. Similarly to electrons in the double-slit experiment, these ‘human particles’ change when subject to observation. To what extent do their reactions change? Which aspects of themselves do they try to hide and which to show?

Play: Zeti Fitsiou
Director: Andreas Flourakis
Music: Stavros Gasparatos
Lighting designer: George Tellos/Lighting Art
Set designers: Video art/Christoforos Konstas, Christos Manganas – Xsquare DesignLab
Costume designer: Georgina Germanou
Movement director: Katerina Fotiadi
Scientific advisor: Manos Danezis

Guest assistant director Georgia Angouridaki

Cast: Fay Ksila, Myrto Alikaki, Petros Lagoutis, Menelaos Hazarakis, Konstantinos Elmatzioglou