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Balthasar Neumann Ensemble and Choir – Thomas Hengelbrock
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Requiem


A choir formed as late as 1991—included in Gramophone magazine’s list of the world’s ‘20 greatest choirs’—and an ensemble numbering only 24 years of existence: both created by German visionary conductor Thomas Hengelbrock, and dedicated to a historically informed rendering of classical works as products of musicological research and inspiration.
A unique opportunity to become acquainted with Missa superba (1674) by Johann Caspar Kerll—J. S. Bach arranged the Sanctus towards the end of his life. Also an opportunity to become reacquainted with Mozart’s superb Requiem through the critical edition and completion by English musicologist Duncan Druce: one of the best, from an artistic and musicological point of view, among the dozens of attempts to complete the unfinished masterpiece. A much-awaited concert that will enchant audiences.
- Johann Caspar Kerll: Missa superba
- Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Requiem in D minor, Κ. 626

Katja Stuber soprano
Marion Eckstein alto
Jan Petryka tenor
Reinhard Mayr bass

The Balthasar Neumann Ensemble and Choir
Conducted by Thomas Hengelbrock

Within the framework of the concert, and with the support of the German Federal Republic Embassy in Athens, Thomas Hengelbrock will hold a masterclass for young conductors.