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Nikos Touliatos and Ecodrasis:


Megaron - The Athens Concert Hall

Fifty years of artistic creation in the field of percussion instruments: between the drums of his adolescence in 1967 and the opening and closing ceremonies of the Athens 2004 Olympic Games, Nikos Touliatos appears today in a performance celebrating his musical adventure and collaboration with over a hundred artists. Greek and foreign composers, singers, and actors interact through sound; they play music, speak, sing, and dance along with the internationally acclaimed Greek jazzman and high priest of contemporary and improvisational music. A directed and choreographed acoustic feast of the percussion group ECODRASIS.

Natassa Mare Moumtzidou, Giannis Sidiras, Fani Tsaïlaki vocals
Vangelis Goumas percussion
Evangelia Sioumala classical guitar
The ΗΧΟΠΟΙΟΙ group: 37 actors and singers
Le Ballet Compagnie Magique: 12 dancers
The ΗΧΟΔΡΑΣΗ percussion group: 10 percussionists

Director George Roufas
Choreographer Jimmy Kalis
Lighting designer Alexandros Politakis