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Clio travels in musical space-time: Jazz


In her last journey for this year, Clio crosses the Atlantic Ocean on her way to America. The magic book takes her to the slave plantations, where she meets little Andaleeb (i.e. Nightingale). They talk about the musical tradition brought by the slaves from their distant homelands—a mixture of African and European elements—and about the new kind of music that is beginning to develop in America and will become known as jazz.
The next page transports her to Harlem of the 1920s, in the famous Cotton Club. Hidden in a corner, she observes all the musical instruments used by the jazz musicians, and then finds herself back in the 21st century.
Through this event, children and adults realize that musical currents are not tightly enclosed in one geographical area but can influence the music of distant lands. At the same time, they become acquainted with the development of musical instruments used in new kinds of music from the 20th century onwards.
Concept-Supervision-Texts-Presentation: Sophia Topouzi

Dimitris Kalantzis piano, musical supervision
Spyros Panagiotopoulos drums
Alexandros Delis bass
Dimitris Papadopoulos trumpet
Luis-Enrique Bu Pascual percussion, vocals
Jenny Kapadai vocals