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Hellenic Group of Contemporary Music:
The Accordion in Contemporary Music


The accordion is an uncharted musical world, a polyphonic instrument with enormous technical capabilities and a warm, rich, passionate sound. Originally associated with popular music, it expresses a portion of the collective consciousness of the entire world, and at the same time it develops, venturing into the territory of ‘serious’ music.
A duo for cello and bayan by Tatar-Russian composer Sofia Gubaidulina, a musical meditation on the meaning of the cross. Also works by Greek accordion composers George Hatzimichelakis, Costas Tsougras, and Christos Zerbinos, as well as three tangos by Ástor Piazzolla for bandoneon.
- George Hatzimichelakis: Folkloric Acid VI, for instrumental ensemble (2018)
- Costas Tsougras: Cantus firmus, for solo accordion 
- Christos Zerbinos: In the Shadow of the World–With Three Notes, for instrumental ensemble (2018)
- Sofia Gubaidulina: In croce, for cello and bayan
- Ástor Piazzolla: Three tangos for instrumental ensemble: Fuga y misterio, Oblivion, Adiós Νonino

Panagiotis Andreoglou accordion, bayan
Kostis Theos cello
The Hellenic Group of Contemporary Music 
Conductor: Iakovos Konitopoulos