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Bojan Ristić Brass Band: Balkan Brass


An authentic brass band from the Balkans comes to the Athens Concert Hall for a single concert that will delight their fans as well as those that will hear them for the first time. Formed in 2004 by Bojan Ristić, the band carries on, through its successful appearances in many countries, the great musical tradition of sound and rhythm of the Roma of central and southeastern Europe. An energetic mix of traditional ‘chockers’ and Balkan rhythms, with charming swing, funk, Latin, and jazz influences, as we had known it in Goran Bregović’s music and Emir Kusturica’s films.

Bojan Ristić, Stefan Ristić, Slaviša Ristić, Igor Ristić, Slavoljub Andjelković Stefan Jovanović,
Ivan Krstić, Saša Ališanović, Doboš Danijel Kostić, Igor Ivanović

Bojan Ristić Brass Band
Artistic director Bojan Ristić