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Kostas Grigoreas:
The Composer with Friends


A musical portrait of Kostas Grigoreas, drawn by the composer’s friends and collaborators, with the tone colours of the guitar (which usually forms the basis of his compositions), of woodwind instruments, and of the piano and the harpsichord. A selection of melodic instrumental music from his discography (Soundtracks, Guitar in the Greek Mode, Recording Guitarist, etc.), along with more recent works and some premieres, as well as acclaimed compositions featuring in recital programmes in Greece and abroad.
In alphabetical order, besides the composer: Effie Agrafioti, Vassilis Kanellopoulos, Iakovos Kolanian, Michalis Kontaxakis, Katerina Ktona, Harris Lambrakis, George Bechlivanoglou, Yannis Petridis, Vassilis Tzavaras, George Tossikian, Dimitris Fotopoulos, Alexandra Christodimou; also the Kitharis guitar ensemble and the emPNEUSI woodwind quartet.