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Days of June ’19: In the Manner of George Seferis


Megaron - The Athens Concert Hall
Athens Conservatoire

What is a poet who would have been 119 today doing among 19 twenty-year-olds?
Essays, Poems, Diaries, Exercises.
An attempt at a meeting of two different worlds. Ours and that of Seferis.
Both sides give the best of themselves - the poet provides the words, and the young actors embody the words. The poet is absent, the actors are present. A ‘Book of Exercises’ with many dates: 1930, 1936, 1940, 2019. The words intermingle with people, alive and dead. This meeting or confrontation fills the air with words and images.
A theatrical performance by Third-Year Students of the Athens Conservatoire Drama School
Directed by Akyllas Karazisis and Marilena Rasidaki